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5 Tips For Using Job Search Websites

Job searching websites are one of the most common ways that people find new work opportunities these days. They can allow you to reach a large number of job openings in a short time. Usually, these sites also allow you to make an application to the jobs you want. 

Surely, job search websites offer many advantages. But, if you do not use these websites properly, they can only offer you a little help to see openings. 

Not all job applications that are sent online are equal. Some applications just get ignored because of the poor profiling of the applicants. To get the best responses back after your application as well as get offers from companies that you didn’t even apply to, you can do a few things. 

Here, we are looking at 5 Tips you need to know when you are using job search websites. Let have look at these tips together.

Double Check The Job Descriptions

One common mistake that people do on job search websites is to apply for any job they find in the field they want and they only check if they meet the requirements. However, this can cause many problems in the later steps. And of course, you may miss jobs because you send your default resume for all.

First, you should read the job descriptions thoroughly before making any application. Try to understand what kind of works each position will include, which type of skills can have a positive effect, and consider which skills or experiences you have can be useful in the job described. So you can consider if you can really work in this job, or what tweaks you can make in your resume to improve your chances for these jobs.

Have Some Referrals 

Referrals help job applicants more than most people are aware of. Some impressive referrals can show employers that an individual has already proved their skills with others, and also gained some experiences in the past. This can also make them trust the applicant’s claims in the application more as they may confirm the details if they want. 

While you may find many job openings and think that you meet their requirements, if you do not show a network of references, companies may prioritize the applications with more or better referrals. So, it is important to have some referrals in your online resume. You can contact some of the old employer and colleagues you have and ask them if you can mention them in your resume. If they accept, you can add some essential information about them in your online application. Even a few people can improve your chances a lot.

Prepare Your Resume for ATS

ATS, or Applicant Tracking System, is an automatic system that many companies use for filtering most job applications. So, when you send your application to a company, it will probably go through this system. If your resume is made in a way that this system cannot read or understand correctly, you won’t be able to pass even the initial steps.

In order to be sure that your resume is suited for ATS, you should avoid using an unusual design, many pictures or graphics, and complex formats. Instead, you should prepare your resume by using one of the standard resume formats, keeping it plain and simple, and be careful about using critical keywords regarding your skills and experiences. So. ATS can read and validate your resume.

Write a cover letter

Many people believe that online applications are super simple and they do not require providing too much information. But if you actually care about getting hired, you should provide as many details as you can. This includes a cover letter too. 

Most people do not attach a cover letter while sending applications online. But companies tend to prioritize applicants with such a detailed letter. So you should take your time and write a special letter for every application you send. 

Don’t neglect to follow your applications

The last but equally important thing you should do is to follow up with your applications. Do not send them and forget about them if you do not get any unmissable notification. Instead, you should have notes about when you have sent your applications. And after a week, if you still do not get any response, negative or positive, you should send a follow-up mail or message to get an update. 

With this follow up you should not look desperate for the job, but you should also let them know that you are still interested. Sometimes, such a follow up can put you up on the candidate list and allow you to get the job in the end.