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Top 5 Best Job Search Websites

If you are searching for a new job, the internet is the standard way to find one in our times. You can find a countless number of websites that can list you the jobs that you may be interested in.

However, not all job search websites are equal. While some of such websites only give you a list of hiring ads like newspapers, some websites have search engines that will match your information with the best fitting open positions and employer. Some can even alert you when there is a new opening in a position that you want.

Here We gathered the top 5 best job searching websites that you should try if you are looking for a new job. Let’s get into it.



Glassdoor is consists of a large cloud that you can use for finding job opportunities or business relations. The website features detailed reviews and voted ratings for the companies you may consider to contact, and it allows you to know them better. You can even find information on how much these companies pay to their employees.



CareerBuilder is a website that not only offers you a rich database of job listings to search through, but it also uses an advanced AI engine to find you the most optimal jobs. The website also features many guides and tips on most career paths you may want to get into.



Dice is one of the specialized job searching websites. It is mostly focused on tech companies and work positions. After you become a member of the website, you can get details information about registered tech companies and their job offering. You can also apply them for their openings on the website by sending your cover letter and resume through the system.



Indeed is one of the biggest job search website you. There are job listings for almost every single job type on the website. And the writes on the website provide detailed reviews regarding many companies you may want to work for. The system allows you to set an automatic alarm for new jobs that match your filter. You can do more than just seeing these listings, you can send your applications with your resume by using the system too. As the network uses multiple sources for job listings, this allows you to access many opportunities.



Rather than needing an employer, you might be working as a freelancer. This would require you to find clients. Upwork can be a good way to find clients who need your work, as well as other freelancers for your project needs. The website features many categories for different sectors and services to make it easier for people to find freelancers that they search for. You can create your profile to show up on such searches easily.



LinkedIn is the amount the biggest professional social network. It works quite similar to a social network, but one that focuses on business life, education, and professional relations. On the website, you can create a profile, enter your information, create a complete resume, and reveal your portfolio. Then you can search for job listings and make quick applications to them. Even after you get a job, LinkedIn is an excellent way to follow the leading names in your sector or making new professional connections. Also, even when you are not actively looking for a job, talent hunters may find your profile and reach to you with offers.