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10 Best Job Search Websites In Canada

When you are looking for a new job in Canada, you have many options. Canada has multiple well-established websites that will allow you to find the latest job opportunities online.

If you are going to do such a job search, you may be confused about which websites you should use among so many options, or you may not know about such websites. To help you with this goal, we gathered the top 10 best job search websites for Canada. You can see them down below.


Monster is a well-known global job listing platform. Its Canadian branch offers access to jobs and employee candidates from a lot of different sectors. The website also features many articles for career guidance. Posting job ads require a paid membership but candidates can use the platform for free.

With its advertisement connections, is a Canadian platform that allows companies to post job listings in many national newspapers. It is a paid service for employers. But, you can explore these job listings on the website for free.



With a similar quality to its parent company’s website Indeed, WOWJobs offers a rich database in Canada. It has a clean and easy-to-use style. There are free with paid membership options.


CareerJet Canada

Careerjet is one of the job search web platforms that work globally. The company has a Canadian branch as well. CareerJet Canada has countless job listings with detailed information. To post listings on the platform you need a paid membership, but you can seek jobs on it for free.



Eluta is the official job search website for the ‘Top 100 Employers project’ in Canada. The biggest brands in the market use this website to find employees. Posting ads on the website requires a monthly fee.



Workopolis is one of the premium websites to find jobs in Canada. The website charges employees monthly or per-post fees for posting job listings. And the fees are relatively high. But you can search through these listings as a candidate for free.


Job Bank

Job Bank is a website that the Canadian government funds for helping people in the country find jobs and employees. It is completely free to use. You just need to be able to provide a Canadian payroll account number while you are creating an account.


Google for Jobs

You may be using Google for your daily internet research. But did you know that it also has a function that gathers job listings? To access this specialized function of Google, you just need to add the ‘jobs’ keyword in your search terms. Then you can click on the title of the Jobs box you will see to access Google’s Jobs sections.;jobs



Glassdoor is the second biggest job listing platform online internationally. On the website, you can find many Canadian companies, reviews and ratings for them, and their salary numbers. There are both free and paid membership options.


Indeed Canada

Overall, Indeed is the biggest job search website. This makes it the biggest in Canada as well. While it is Free to use for both employer and employee candidates, employees can pay for ads to find more candidates.

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