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6 Best Free Job Search Sites For The US

Job searching can be quite a challenge if you don’t use a well-established job listing website and its database. However, these days, some of the most established job search websites you may find on the internet require you to have a paid membership to use their services.

Of course, making a payment for a service that you are not sure if it will help you can be unattractive, especially if you are currently unemployed. If you are not sure if it is worth to make such a payment, you may prefer free alternatives. Here we gathered 6 best free job search websites for you. You can use these websites without making any payment and find many opportunities. Let’s have a look.

Google for Jobs

When you are searching for a job, you are very likely to start by ‘googling’. You may be expecting to find job search websites after such a query. But in fact, Google offers some job listing itself as well. To access these listings, you can just add ‘job’ or ‘jobs’ in front of your google search. Although it is not perfect or comprehensive as some specialized websites, these Google for Jobs listings are mostly indexed from third-party databases and allow you to see many sources at ones.



LinkedIn is among the top job searching websites you can find. It works similar to a social network, but with for professional work. You can make a profile, share posts, and follow other people. But there are also job listings and you can search through them, or get alerted for new listings for your job searches. Although posting job listings requires a small fee from employers, searching through the listings is free for you.



Indeed is the biggest website for job searches in the US. And it is completely free to use for postings or searches. Employers may just choose to boost listings with ads. You are very likely to find many options here.



If we call Indeed the biggest website to search for jobs, Glassdoor is at least the second biggest, if not equal. The website feature reviews and ratings for the companies that may hire you. You can see their salary numbers and compare them with detail. The website is free to do job searches. Even for posting job listings, it offers a free period.



Ladders is another good option for the searching jobs without any cost. The website offers completely free membership options. There is also a paid membership for employer who wants to boost their listings.



Jora can be considered a younger website for job searches. But it already offers access to countless job listings around the world. Even just in the US, Jora has around 2 millions job listed at the time of this list is made. And it increases quickly.