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Top Free Websites For Job Searches In Canada

Some websites that you can use for job searches may require you to pay a fee for their memberships. However, even if you are not willing to make any payment for this kind of memberships, there are free alternatives.

Here, we are looking at Canada’s top free websites for job searches. If you are looking for a job in Canada, you may do your research on these websites, free of charge.

Indeed Canada

Indeed is generally considered the largest job search website. This applies to its Canada branch as well. Indeed is completely free for you to find jobs. The company only charges if employers want to boost their listings.


Job Bank

The Job Bank is a well-established government-backed website for job searches. It is the second most popular job search website in Canada. The website allows you to do your research to find job offerings or people to hire, for free. After you provide your information, the website notifies you when new listings that suit you are posted.



In general, Glassdoor is among the most popular job listing websites. This is not different for Canada too. You can also see ratings and details such as salaries for the companies that you are interested in.



You may know about LinkedIn as a professional-life focused social network. On the website, you can get a free account, create a profile that shows your educations, experiences, and skills. This profile essentially can act as your resume. Then you can do job searches through the website’s job listings section. The company takes a fee from employers to post job listings, but if you are just looking for jobs, it only charges you if you want to upgrade to premium to boost your visibility for hiring companies.


WOWJobs Canada

WOWJobs Canada is one of the top job listing websites in Canada. The website is owned by the biggest company among this type of websites Indeed. So, you can expect similar quality. The website itself is pretty plain and unassuming, but it features quite a high number of job listings.


Google for Jobs

Like anything you can hope to find on the internet, you probably started searching for job websites on Google. What you may not know is that Google also offers a special function to find job listings on the internet easier. Just add ‘jobs’ in your search query. You will see a special box on which you can click the title and see all the job listings that match your search.;jobs